Thursday, December 21, 2006

What's Up With This Site?


Somehow, Paul—complete with ancient garb and a perfect knowledge of Koine Greek— arrives in a 21st century university and he lives with an Old Testament scholar, Don Lueth, who is not too certain if this strange man is actually Paul or if he is a brilliant NT scholar who somehow believes he is Paul. Over three years, Don taught Paul English and gEventually, Paul’s insight on NT literature causes a set of informal lectures and q and a sessions on the university campus in Lueth’s main classroom. These are attended by religion students at the university, as well as history majors and extremist religionists of every stripe.

Paul’s demeanor is light and generally pleasant. He is often befuddled by modern mindsets, especially concerning the variety of opinions of the ancient letters of Paul and about Jesus. For the most part he takes everything in good humor, but he does get angry when people try to tell him what a text in a Pauline letter means in disagreement with himself.

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